About me…no, wait…it should actually be “About us”

It is impossible to pursue photography as a passion (especially when it involves travel) without the family firmly behind you, supporting you and cheering at every photograph you bring back home. So, really, this is all possible because everyone in the family is equally passionate about photography. Including Buddy, our two year old Beagle.

I’ve been serious about photography for over a decade now. I started with birds, then moved to bigger mammals and when we lived abroad, had to transition to landscapes and city scapes. As a result, my portfolio includes all of the above and my interests are equally varied too. After all, the world is too beautiful to specialise in just one thing.

I live in Mumbai with my family, hold a regular job like most of us and take pictures when ever time and money permit.

If you have comments about my pictures or if you just want to say “hi”, drop me a one liner. You can reach me at Koushik.v.sreedhar@gmail.com

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